Looking for PHP developer

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Looking for PHP developer

Post by NataliaCa »

About us
We're a growing software development company that works differently. We do it perfectly from code perspective, we do it perfectly from performance point of view, and we do it perfectly for our clients no matter what. We communicate between ourselves to create better solutions, we communicate with clients to understand what exactly they want, and we deliver the final solutions that we love and are proud of.

We are a team of young professionals in the area of web applications developing with complex logic and applications for mobile platforms.

We need PHP programmer (full time, freelance), who will be able to join our team to work together on on a new and exciting applications and projects.

- Excellent knowledge:
- PHP 5
- Object-oriented conception
- MVC design pattern
- Syntax and features of MySQL RDBMS
- Web 2.0 concepts: Ajax, json
- Code management tools: SVN, Mercurial
- JQuery, mootols knowledge
- Good spoken English
- Responsibility for the quality of work and your promises
- The desire to grow and improve result, work overtime if necessary

- Jquery knowledge is a very big plus
- knowledge of SQL optimization techniques is a very big plus
- having your own PHP framework will be a good plus
- experience working with cakePHP, symfony - plus
- experience development ecommerce modules (paypal, authorize.net) is a plus
- your personal attitude to learn everyday - is the huge and biggest plus #1
- we would prefer to work with residents of Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Please send me information about yourself, a list of projects you have worked on with information about your role in each.
We don't expect formal emails (CV, resume) - we're looking for talented people, not professionals in finding a job. So send us ... personal message about you, skills, experience, what you love to work on, what you do best.

Thank you!

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Re: Looking for PHP developer

Post by steveorhov »

I just hope you will get a qualified candidate for PHP developer.

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