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What is CMS?
What is CMS?

Definition of Content Management System (CMS)

        Content Management System or CMS is the content management system of a website. That was invented to help reduce the resources of website development and management. Whether it's manpower, time and money used to create and maintain a website. CMS helps facilitate and shorten the time of website creation and design. Especially of the use of CMS, because.The user does not have to be knowledgeable in programming but can create a website. CMS has many programs and can be inserted.Such as Webboard, billboard management system, visitor count system and shopping carts.CMS is a program that comes from the computer language used in the website. Such as PHP, Python, ASP, JSP or other languages. Depending on the skill of the developer. Must be used with Web server applications and database servers.Such as Apache, xampp using MySQL Databases.Currently, there are many free CMS, such as Mambo, Joomla, Wordpress.

        The behavior of CMS is a system that separates the management of work between the content out of design. So design, web pages are stored in Templates.While the content is stored in a database or file.When used, there will be a collaboration between two parts to create a webpage.

Advantages of CMS

  1. Users do not need to know about website creation.Just typed or ever post on the Internet.It can have a website of its own.
  2. Do not waste time on website development. Do not waste a lot of money.
  3. easy to maintenance, because we have all the management system.
  4. There are many management systems that we can find added such as the gallery system.
  5. Can change the templates of website simply by loading the theme of the CMS.

Disadvantages of CMS

  1. If the user wants to design a theme.It requires more knowledge than usual, because CMS. Many systems coordinated confusing. For those without knowledge.
  2. The user must study the CMS system that the developer created. For example, where to put the text? How do I insert images? It will only be difficult at first.
  3. In the actual use, it is difficult to set up the first time with the Web server. But nowadays, there are many web server service providers. And set up a free CMS system free of charge.