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Pace Calculator

Introducing to program pace calculator


For people who like to exercise, like running, may be familiar with pace. pace calculator is a calculation of 1 kilometer. how many minutes did it take to run?. normally we can calculate the pace by timer to see how long it takes to run. but, this program can make it easier. we just fill out information of duration and distance, we can know that in the distance of 1 kilometer, how long does it take to run for statistics record and can indicate which level of runner.

step to use the program 

1. first step, we will fill out username, duration and distance.

Fill out information, Username, Duration, Distance

2. Program will show result table. so, result table will consist of username, your pace, time spent, your distance.

Result table will consist of your pace, time spent and your distance

3. recent information, you can click show for look your old information.

Recent information, show your old information

4. if you want to see your history. you can search your name for see your history.

search your name for see your history


That's it, we will know about pace that we want. It's easy to use. so, we have many other Online Tools. whether it be Tracking Thailand Post ProgramProgram Exchange Rate Form Bank of Thailand API and Sport lineup program. if you want to use this program you can use it here.

Pace Calculator 

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