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MApplication Form

Version: 1.1.22

is a Component we install to enhance performance of Joomla by helping to add a job application form on website.
Applicants can fill the form through MApplication Form. The company can check applicants detail through admin section. Convenient for both applicants and the company.

The MApplication Form performances listed below:

- Basic Information customizing: such as region of origin, city, district, sub-district
- Job Position information customizing
- Education and language ability information customizing
- Enable to organize personal information, family information, working information or skill information
- Enable to choose application status (Admin only)
- Enable to comment on each applicant (Admin only)
- Enable to show all job positions or just one position
- Enable to show job application form on a website page
- Showing a form for job application on admin page
- Job Apply button links from job positions list
- Application form status as a New Interview Cancel Employee
- Email to applications
- Enable to upload image of applicants
- Showing date of application
- List from newest first (default)

Samples of MApplication Form