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Mod Mslideshows Module

Version: 1.0.17

Mod Mslideshows
It is a Joomla Module helping to display images or Youtube Video in existing content on a webpage automatically. It’s so convenient and easy to use. Various slideshow format to choose. Response well on a website page.

The Mod Mslideshows Module detailed performances listed below:
- Automatically drag Joomla content (by clicking ‘new’)
- Limit your slides
- ‘Show more’ is available
- Display images from articles
- Display video from articles
- Able to display or not to display content from master
- Choose images display format
- Able to setting to display images from articles or not
- Able to setting to display videos from articles or not
- Adjust height and width (Auto can also be setted)
- Enable/disable to display any category
- Set timing of slide position

Samples of Mod Mslideshows Module