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Guide of using : Plugin MD Watermark

      Nowadays, E-commerce websites draw huge attractions. Many interests in ready made websites because it’s easy to use. To make a website more interesting, we need to have articles about our products to introducts our goods and/or services to customers and to introduce some basic features to them. 

Of course, what we cannot miss when having a website are pictures of products we are selling to convince customers to buy. To prevent others to use our pictures, we should put watermarks on. This is why we need Plugin MD Watermark. 

Benefits of Plugin MD Watermark

  • To add watermark on images in article(s) 
  • To set position and transparentness of watermark
  • To Optimize Images 
  • To Clear Image Log 

Steps to use Plugin MD Watermark 

1.Go to Joomla in the Control Panel section. After installing Plugin MD Watermark, go to Extensions >>> Plugins 

 Guide of using : Plugin MD Watermark


2.Find ‘Plugin Content - MD Watermark’ and click to setting


Guide of using : Plugin MD Watermark 

3.detail of Plugin MD Watermark setting 

  • Image Watermark : Select a picture to add watermark
  • Anchor : Position of the watermark 
  • Watermark Size (%) : Size of the watermark on image
  • Opacity : Transparent Degree of an image


Guide of using : Plugin MD Watermark 

4. After finish setting, go to website to check out the picture 


Guide of using : Plugin MD Watermark