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Software : What it is?

 Software : What it is? Software Tree


      Computer has the touchable components such as mouses, screens, keyboards, speakers. These group of devices are called Hardware. But there is another essential part of computer that cannot be overlooked. If we miss this part, the computer will not able to process at all. This part is Software.


What is Software? 

      Software is a set of instructions that commands a computer to operate. It is commonly in a form of instruction sets known as computer programs.
Several Softwares come with high price. Maybe because creators are mostly in overseas. Therefore, the cost goes higher when we import to Thailand. Good news! Nowadays, majority of us can access to the internet, so there are more Software to download into our computers.


How many Types?
So, you may wonder how many kinds the software can categorized into 2 groups.

  • 1.System Software:
    It this the software written to control computer’s operation. It acts as a captain of all, to instruct each program, to cooperate each device, and to ensure every part works as smooth as silk. Windows, OSX,Linux are examples of famous and most used system softwares.
  • 2. Application Software:
    It is an instruction set written to program a computer. In short, it is the program we use in daily basis. There are 2 types of application software.
    Software for general purpose: such as a software for presentation, or a software for communication and information access Software designed for specific purpose: such as a software for machine control  


Benefits of Software:
Software helps computer to operate variously with highest advantages depend on the users. For example, we can use different kinds of software to access to information, to process codes, to translate languages, to calculate numbers, to name but a few. Obviously, software makes we live easier than ever.