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CMS: What is it? 

 CMS: What is it?

     CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a system used to create and manage ready made websites. It helps to provide convenience and to reduce time of website creating and designing. By using CMS, users are required few programming knowledge, yet can create such a precious website by themselves. CMS also comes with its program, but creators can also add up more such as Webboard , ads management system, visitor counting system, busket system, etc. 

      CMS: the software that was developed from computer language using in websites eg. PHP , Python , ASP , JSP. Recently, there are many creators develop free CMS such as Mambo, Joomla, Wordpress, and so on. 

Advantages of CMS

  1. Users are not required the knowledge of website creation.Just having some experiences of typing or posting message on the internet is enough to have their own websites
  2. No need to spend so much time and money on website development 
  3. Easy to take care because there is a system taking care it for us
  4. There are many additional management system we can add up to our websites such as gallery system
  5. Can easily change look of websites by downloading Theme of each CMS

Disadvantages of CMS

      In case users want to design their own theme by themselves, some in depth knowledge is needed due to CMS has various systems combine together. So, it must be a bit complicated for those with no knowledge. Users need to learn a bit about CMS system that developers create such as where to insert text, how to add image, and so on. This causes inconvenience for the beginning stages though. Actual using, there is some complication in first time setting with Web server. However, there are various web server service providers to install and set up CMS system for free