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ERP system: What is it?

        ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It means a system used to manage business resources of an organization as a whole for the purpose of using the best benefits of every business resources. In short, it is the system used to plan and manage business resources of an organization by connecting every part of the company.
For example,. If it is an ERP of a company, it may combine accounting and financial system, human resources system, manufacturing management system, production management system, goods distribution system together.
ERP can help to plan and manage all resources of the company with their best benefit. And can also help to reduce time and Algorithm steps as well.

        Currently, ERP system has been developed into a program package which is a standard software application that can be installed and efficiently operated. ERP software is used to gather any section of the business: eg.Planning, Production, Sales, Human Resource, Accounting/Finance, Point Of Sale (POS). So, it connects every information from the same database and have Common Processes to support business process of the organization with highest efficiency. An advantage of gathering information in the same place is to be able to share same information among the business.

        All in all, ERP software used to help gathering and connecting all functions in the organization. Or, merging every modules together. Plus, the ERP is a real time operating system. Besides, ERP software will be customized based on the best practice of the industry. It is controlled business processing part that will be tested and observed the best method in that particular industry in the ERP software. By ERP software will adapt itself into operation style of that organization.

Example of ERP distributors:
Oracle Applications
Infor Global Solutions
The Sage Group

Example of OpenSource ERP

If you would like to develop a suitable ERP for your business, contact here

ERP system implementation service for your business
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