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phpBB: What is it?

         It is a free Open-source internet forum. Working by php coding language with database system. Also support multiple database operation such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL or Access (with ODBC).

         By broad well-known of php language and MySQL database system, combine with easy installation and free-off-charged sourcing. As a result, phpBB (stands for php Bulletin Board) makes itself broadly renown on the internet.

         Also, it is a program operating by supporting various database processing. By php and wide spreading of MySQL database, easy to install, and no sourcing cost needed. These make phpBB widely famous on the internet.

         Outstanding features of phpBB such as category, privat forum, searching, sending message with special features and emoticons, category system, searching system, poll system, membership management system, webboard management system.

         Webmasters can easily change the look of forum by modifying PHP coding language or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The code from the program meets the standard of XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01 of W3C. Moreover, there are new additional extensions as well.



  • 1.4.x (old version) - 1.4.4: 6th April 2001
  • 2.0.x (stable version) - 2.0.22: 23rd December 2006
  • 3.0.x Olympus (former name 2.2.x) - 2.1.2: 28th January 2007
  • 3.0.7x 2010
  • 3.0.8 2011: superb spam protection system and constant developing
  • 3.0.12 2013: currently completed version


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