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Tag: What is it?

Tag แท็ก คืออะไร
Tag แท็ก คืออะไร


In the past, owning a website, or other systems, is not a piece of cake. Technology requires specialized knowledge. Nowadays, however, there are more and more developments in the Web Content management system. For example, content website such as Joomla!,or Wordpress, or Webboard such as phpBB. If we know how to use, we can own a website right away. Above examples are all free. Or what we call OpenSource .

ฺCurrently, Open Source websites are more widespread, people tend to focus more on marketing competition. eCommercce website is a good example. There are more improvements on features and components to attract visitors and to make it easier and more convenient to use. Besides, content websites also have a system we are going to talk about, Tagging System.

Tag is a short word telling a piece of information on a website. And it also includes data that is similar to what is on a website, whether it is in an article or a product. It is similar to searching with a keyword. After adding a Tag and clicking on a link, related article to the tag will appear. We can just use Tag to categorize our content type as well.
Tagging should be correct, meaningful, famous, and related to the information. For instant, if we are talking about a ready made website, we should tag website, Joomla, webboard, wordpress.

Not just only used on a website, Tagging is also used in ERP and CRM system. Both OpenERP and Odoo9 support tagging on a product. We can create a tag on our own. Plus, we can also use tag to categorize customer type. And we can also use filter to search for related customer group conveniently.

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