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Chapter 1 - JavaScript Introduction
Chapter 1 - JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript is a computer language for programming on the Internet . It is the world's most popular programming language. . ( Known as the "script " (script) is to create and develop a website (with HTML) to make our site with movement . Users can meet even more.

JavaScript is a scripting language

A Scripting language is a lightweight programming language

JavaScript is a Programming Code that can be inserted in HTML pages.

You can create small application type processes with JavaScript like a calculator or a primitive game of some sort


However there are some serious uses for JavaScript

- Makes it easy to write applications without relying on other languages.

- A statement that responds to the user.

- Using monitoring data such as alarm when an error submitting the form .

- Used to verify that the user, such as authentication , use Browser anything.

- Has generated Cookies

The lesson on JavaScript is described and examples of the use of JavaScript to the students understand the compatibility of JavaScript with HTML and CSS, Before you start out with more complex javascripts you should understand the basics


Chapter 2 - JavaScript How To