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MVC concepts for use in Joomla

Of Diagram above Web Browser is an acceptance - transmission (Request) with. Web Server before the data goes into the process of MVC is through. Routes and Dispatcher with the Routes will serve to convert the data in the form of a URL. Parameter is in part a function of Dispatcher because the system has a Controller Multi-Dispatcher will manage the information submitted and designate. Controller to be used according to the Controller to run the task with information to come. The Controller will determine the Model and View to use the Model to interface with the database to retrieve, add, remove, edit links on the inside. The Controller and View are not running the database. Part of View is the display to the user. The View may have multiple Layout Controller can set the Layout View.



sample file structure in Component

on com_helloworld folder


Structures may be modified as appropriate for the job.


The main folder is controller, model and views

The helpers folder is used to store class and other library used by Component

Installation folder to hold the files for install update and uninstall sql data table.

The tables are created to store a class use the JTable for managing data in a table.


Main file controller.php helloworld.php hellowold.xml be named component file

Config.xml file is the file for the config page of the Component



Chapter 7 - Structure for building class Component Development