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The templates themselves are basically HTML files with a little PHP embedded. Remember that PHPis an embeddable scripting language. This is the sort of task it is designed for and makes an efficient templating language. The template files below in the views directory.


Code this to index.php file

<h1><?php echo $welcome; ?></h1>


Code this to blog_index.php file

<h1><?php echo $blog_heading; ?></h1>


Last, code this to blog_view.php file

<h1><?php echo $blog_heading; ?></h1>
<p><?php echo $blog_content; ?></p>

In the above template files note that the variable names in the templates, match the template variables created in the controller.



Now We've done creating MVC. Try to run it now.. The Program should look like this


The MVC Framework you have build here should be used as a guide only, although it is fully functional implementation, oit is left to the users to build on it and take it to new hights