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Simple Calendar / Date Picker

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		// you must specify name or model/attribute

		// optional: what's the initial value/date?
		//'value' => $model->projectDateStart
		'value' => '05/20/2010',

		// optional: change the language
		//'language' => 'de',
		//'language' => 'fr',
		//'language' => 'es',
		'language' => 'pt-BR',

		/* optional: change visual
		 * themeUrl: "where the themes for this widget are located?"
		 * theme: theme name. Note that there must be a folder under themeUrl with the theme name
		 * cssFile: specifies the css file name under the theme folder. You may specify a
		 *          single filename or an array of filenames
		 * try
		'themeUrl' => Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/css/jui/' ,
		'theme'=>'pool',	//try 'bee' also to see the changes
		'cssFile'=>array('jquery-ui.css' /*,anotherfile.css, etc.css*/),

		//  optional: jquery Datepicker options
		'options' => array(
			// how to change the input format? see

			// user will be able to change month and year
			'changeMonth' => 'true',
			'changeYear' => 'true',

			// shows the button panel under the calendar (buttons like "today" and "done")
			'showButtonPanel' => 'true',

			// this is useful to allow only valid chars in the input field, according to dateFormat
			'constrainInput' => 'false',

			// speed at which the datepicker appears, time in ms or "slow", "normal" or "fast"

			// animation effect, see
			'showAnim' =>'slide',

		// optional: html options will affect the input element, not the datepicker widget itself
			border: 1px solid #A80;
			padding-left: 4px;'