Dowry calculation program

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Procedure for calculating dowry

1. The user is required to complete all fields, filling the name must be the first step.

2. Both men and women's income must be filled in by users.

3.The ages of both the male and female must be entered.

4. Only the bits that are true to the user are chosen.

Example of filling out information

Username :
Men's income :
25,600.00 Bath
Women's income :
21,230.00 Bath
Male age :
25 Year
Female age :
22 Year

What is dowry?

 The custom of giving dowry at Thai weddings dates back to ancient times. The dowry, according to the Royal Institute's dictionary of 2011, means a man gives money to a female parent to marry in exchange for rearing , or property that the man gives to his parents. The adoptee or female parent, depending on the situation, in exchange for the woman agreeing to marry. Property which the man gives to his parents . The adoptee or the female parent, as in any case , for the woman agreeing to marry. The dowry claim has now changed from the original, it usually depends on the woman's family situation. The higher the female family's wealth, the higher the dowry fees. Some people in society still view the "dowry value" as a reflection of the value of women. There is a wedding ceremony and dowry, whether in Thailand or elsewhere. For example, 5 countries that are a ceremony country with dowry China, Japan, India, Kenya, Thailand and other nations. Dowry-like practices exist in European culture, bride price and dowry are terms used as vocabulary. When marriage occurs, the woman must be in the territory of the man which is not many laws protect the woman. If the woman aggravates the man's dissatisfaction can cause the woman not to have any food. The law, on the other hand, protects nothing. All property is owned by the male side. Naturally, parents are frequently concerned about their children. Dowry is the custom of giving property to a daughter therefore occurred in some countries in Europe..... more