php 5.1.4 ออกแล้วครับ ต้นเดือน นี้ เอง

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php 5.1.4 ออกแล้วครับ ต้นเดือน นี้ เอง

by icphysics » 07/05/2006 4:18 pm

ใครชอบ อะไรใหม่ ๆ ลอง โหลดมา ได้ที่
และดู ความเปลี่ยนแปลง ตั้ง แต่ v.5 เป็น ต้นมา มีดังนี้
PHP 5 ChangeLog
Version 5.1.4
Added "capture_peer_cert" and "capture_peer_cert_chain" context options for SSL streams. (Wez).
Added PDO::PARAM_EVT_* family of constants. (Sara)
Fixed possible crash in highlight_string(). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37291(FastCGI now longer works with isapi_fcgi.dll). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37277(cloning Dom Documents or Nodes does not work). (Rob)
Fixed bug #37276(problems with $_POST array). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36632(bad error reporting for pdo_odbc exec UPDATE). (Wez).
Fixed bug #35552(crash when pdo_odbc prepare fails). (Wez).
PHP 5 ChangeLog
Version 5.1.3
Updated bundled PCRE library to version 6.6. (Andrei)
Moved extensions to PECL:
ext/msession (Derick)
Reimplemented FastCGI interface. (Dmitry)
Improved SPL: (Marcus)
Fixed issues with not/double calling of constructors of SPL iterators.
Fixed issues with info-class/file-class in SPL directory handling classes.
Fixed ArrayIterator::seek().
Added SimpleXMLIterator::count().
Dropped erroneous RecursiveDirectoryIterator::getSubPathInfo().
Improved SimpleXML: (Marcus, Rob)
Added SimpleXMLElement::getName() to retrieve name of element.
Added ability to create elements on the fly.
Added addChild() method for element creation supporting namespaces.
Added addAttribute() method for attribute creation supporting namespaces.
Added ability to delete specific elements and attributes by offset.
Improved Reflection API: (Marcus)
Added ReflectionClass::newInstanceArgs($args).
Added ability to analyze extension dependency.
Added ReflectionFunction::isDeprecated() and constant IS_DEPRECATED.
Added ReflectionParameter::getDeclaringClass().
Changed reflection constants to be prefixed with IS_. (Johannes)
Improved cURL extension: (Ilia)
Added curl_setopt_array() function that allows setting of multiple options via an associated array.
Added the ability to retrieve the request message sent to the server.
Improved GD extension: (Pierre)
Added a weak/tolerant mode to the JPEG loader.
Added filtering mode option to imagepng() to allow reducing file size.
Fixed imagecolorallocate() and imagecolorallocatelapha() to return FALSE on error.
Changed get_headers() to retrieve headers also from non-200 responses. (Ilia)
Changed get_headers() to use the default context. (Ilia)
Changed SOAP extension to cache WSDL structure in memory and thus speed up SoapClient/SoapServer construction. (Andrei, Dmitry)
Added lchown() and lchgrp() to change user/group ownership of symlinks. (Derick)
Added support for exif date format in strtotime(). (Derick)
Added a check for special characters in the session name. (Ilia)
Added "consumed" stream filter. (Marcus)
Added new mysqli constants for BIT and NEW_DECIMAL field types: MYSQLI_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL and MYSQLI_TYPE_BIT. FR #36007. (Georg)
Added imap_savebody() that allows message body to be written to a file. (Mike)
Added overflow checks to wordwrap() function. (Ilia)
Added support for BINARY_DOUBLE and BINARY_FLOAT to PDO_OCI and OCI8 (also fixes bug #36764). (Tony)
Eliminated run-time constant fetching for TRUE, FALSE and NULL. (Dmitry)
Removed the E_STRICT deprecation notice from "var". (Ilia)
Fixed reading stream filters never notified about EOF. (Mike)
Fixed tempnam() 2nd parameter to be checked against path components. (Ilia)
Fixed a bug that would not fill in the fifth argument to preg_replace() properly, if the variable was not declared previously. (Andrei)
Fixed safe_mode check for source argument of the copy() function. (Ilia)
Fixed mysqli bigint conversion under Windows (Georg)
Fixed XSS inside phpinfo() with long inputs. (Ilia)
Fixed Apache2 SAPIs header handler modifying header strings. (Mike)
Fixed 'auto_globals_jit' to work together with 'register_argc_argv'. (Dmitry)
Fixed offset/length parameter validation in substr_compare() function. (Ilia)
Fixed debug_zval_dump() to support private and protected members. (Dmitry)
Fixed SoapFault::getMessage(). (Dmitry)
Fixed issue with iconv_mime_decode where the "encoding" would only allow upper case specifiers. (Derick)
Fixed tiger hash algorithm generating wrong results on big endian platforms. (Mike)
Fixed crash with DOMImplementation::createDocumentType("name:"). (Mike)
Fixed bug #37205 (Serving binary content/images fails with "comm with server aborted" FastCGI err). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37192 (cc may complain about non-constant initializers in hash_adler.c). (Mike)
Fixed bug #37191 (chmod takes off sticky bit when safe_mode is On). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37167 (PDO segfaults when throwing exception from the fetch handler). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37162 (wddx does not build as a shared extension). (jdolecek at NetBSD dot org, Ilia)
Fixed bug #37158 (fread behavior changes after calling stream_wrapper_register). (Wez)
Fixed bug #37138 (__autoload tries to load callback'ed self and parent). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37103 (libmbfl headers not installed). (Jani)
Fixed bug #37083 (Frequent crashes in SOAP extension with new WSDL caching code in multithread WS). (Andrei, Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37062 (compile failure on ARM architecture). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37061 (curl_exec() doesn't zero-terminate binary strings). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37060 (Type of retval of Countable::count() is not checked). (Johannes)
Fixed bug #37059 (oci_bind_by_name() doesn't support RAW and LONG RAW fields). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37057 (xmlrpc_decode() may produce arrays with numeric strings, which are unaccessible). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37055 (incorrect reference counting for persistent OCI8 connections). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37054 (SoapClient Error Fetching http headers). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37053 (html_errors with internal classes produces wrong links). (Tony)
Fixed bug #37046 (foreach breaks static scope). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #37045 (Fixed check for special chars for http redirects). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #37017 (strtotime fails before 13:00:00 with some time zones identifiers). (Derick)
Fixed bug #37002 (Have to quote literals in INI when concatenating with vars). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36988 (mktime freezes on long numbers). (Derick)
Fixed bug #36981 (SplFileObject->fgets() ignores max_length). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36957 (serialize() does not handle recursion). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36944 (strncmp & strncasecmp do not return false on negative string length). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36941 (ArrayIterator does not clone itself). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #36934 (OCILob->read() doesn't move internal pointer when reading 0's). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36908 (wsdl default value overrides value in soap request). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36898 (__set() leaks in classes extending internal ones). (Tony, Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36886 (User filters can leak buckets in some situations). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36878 (error messages are printed even though an exception has been thrown). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36875 (is_*() functions do not account for open_basedir). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36872 (session_destroy() fails after call to session_regenerate_id(true)). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36869 (memory leak in output buffering when using chunked output). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36859 (DOMElement crashes when calling __construct when cloning). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36857 (Added support for partial content fetching to the HTTP streams wrapper). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36851 (Documentation and code discrepancies for NULL data in oci_fetch_*() functions). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36825 (Exceptions thrown in ArrayObject::offsetGet cause segfault). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36820 (Privileged connection with an Oracle password file fails). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36809 (__FILE__ behavior changed). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36808 (syslog ident becomes garbage between requests). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36802 (mysqli_set_charset() crash with a non-open connection). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36756 (DOMDocument::removeChild corrupts node). (Rob)
Fixed bug #36749 (SOAP: 'Error Fetching http body' when using HTTP Proxy). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36745 (No error message when load data local file isn't found). (Georg)
Fixed bug #36743 (In a class extending XMLReader array properties are not writable). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36727 (segfault in pdo_pgsql bindValue() when no parameters are defined). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36721 (The SoapServer is not able to send a header that it didn't receive). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36697 (Transparency is lost when using imagecreatetruecolor). (Pierre)
Fixed bug #36689 (Removed arbitrary limit on the length of syslog messages). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36656 (http_build_query generates invalid URIs due to use of square brackets). (Mike)
Fixed bug #36638 (strtotime() returns false when 2nd argument < 1). (Derick)
Fixed bug #36629 (SoapServer::handle() exits on SOAP faults). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36625 (pg_trace() does not work). (iakio at mono-space dot net)
Fixed bug #36614 (Segfault when using Soap). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36611 (assignment to SimpleXML object attribute changes argument type to string). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36606 (pg_query_params() changes arguments type to string). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36599 (DATE_W3C format constant incorrect). (Derick)
Fixed bug #36575 (SOAP: Incorrect complex type instantiation with hierarchies). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36572 (Added PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_DIRECT_QUERY constant that should be set when executing internal queries like "show master status" via MySQL). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36568 (memory_limit setting on win32 has no effect). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36513 (comment will be outputted in last line). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36510 (strtotime() fails to parse date strings with tabs). (Ilia, Derick)
Fixed bug #36459 (Incorrect adding PHPSESSID to links, which contains \r\n). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36458 (sleep() accepts negative values). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36436 (DBA problem with Berkeley DB4). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #36434 (Improper resolution of declaring class name of an inherited property). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36420 (segfault when access result->num_rows after calling result->close()). (Ilia,Tony)
Fixed bug #36403 (oci_execute() no longer supports OCI_DESCRIBE_ONLY). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36400 (Custom 5xx error does not return correct HTTP response error code). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36396 (strtotime() fails to parse dates in dd-mm-yyyy format). (Derick)
Fixed bug #36388 (ext/soap crashes when throwing exception and session persistence). (David)
Fixed bug #36382 (PDO/PgSQL's getColumnMeta() crashes). (Derick)
Fixed bug #36359 (splFileObject::fwrite() doesn't write when no data length specified). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36351 (parse_url() does not parse numeric paths properly). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36345 (PDO/MySQL problem loading BLOB over 1MB). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36337 (ReflectionProperty fails to return correct visibility). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36334 (Added missing documentation about realpath cache INI settings). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36308 (ReflectionProperty::getDocComment() does not reflect extended class commentary). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36306 (crc32() differ on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms) (anight@eyelinkmedia dot com, Pierre)
Fixed bug #36303 (foreach on error_zval produces segfault). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36295 (typo in SplFileObject::flock() parameter name). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36287 (Segfault with SplFileInfo conversion). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #36283 (SOAPClient Compression Broken). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36268 (Object destructors called even after fatal errors). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36258 (SplFileObject::getPath() may lead to segfault). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36250 (PHP causes ORA-07445 core dump in Oracle server 9.2.x). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36242 (Possible memory corruption in stream_select()). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36235 (ocicolumnname returns false before a successful fetch). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36226 (Inconsistent handling when passing potential arrays). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36224 (date(DATE_ATOM) gives wrong results). (Derick, Hannes Magnusson)
Fixed bug #36222 (errorInfo in PDOException is always NULL). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36208 (symbol namespace conflicts using bundled gd). (Jakub Moc)
Fixed bug #36205 (Memory leaks on duplicate cookies). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36185 (str_rot13() crash on non-string parameter). (Pierre)
Fixed bug #36176 (PDO_PGSQL - PDO::exec() does not return number of rows affected by the operation). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36158 (SIGTERM is not handled correctly when running as a FastCGI server). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36152 (problems with curl+ssl and pgsql+ssl in same PHP). (Mike)
Fixed bug #36148 (unpack("H*hex", $data) is adding an extra character to the end of the string). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36134 (DirectoryIterator constructor failed to detect empty directory names). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36113 (Reading records of unsupported type causes segfault). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36096 (oci_result() returns garbage after oci_fetch() failed). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36083 (SoapClient waits for responses on one-way operations). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36071 (Engine Crash related with 'clone'). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36055 (possible OCI8 crash in multi-threaded environment). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36046 (parse_ini_file() miscounts lines in multi-line values). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #36038 (ext/hash compile failure on Mac OSX). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36037 (heredoc adds extra line number). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #36016 (realpath cache memleaks). (Dmitry, Nuno)
Fixed bug #36011 (Strict errormsg wrong for call_user_func() and the likes). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #36010 (Segfault when re-creating and re-executing statements with bound parameters). (Tony)
Fixed bug #36006 (Problem with $this in __destruct()). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35999 (recursive mkdir() does not work with relative path like "foo/bar"). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35998 (SplFileInfo::getPathname() returns unix style filenames in win32). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #35988 (Unknown persistent list entry type in module shutdown). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35954 (Fatal com_exception casting object). (Rob)
Fixed bug #35900 (stream_select() should warning when tv_sec is negative). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35785 (SimpleXML causes memory read error zend engine). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34272 (empty array onto COM object blows up). (Rob)
Fixed bug #29476 (sqlite_fetch_column_types() locks the database forever). (Ilia)
PHP 5 ChangeLog
Version 5.1.2
Updated libsqlite in ext/sqlite to 2.8.17. (Ilia)
Updated libsqlite in ext/pdo_sqlite to 3.2.8. (Ilia)
Updated to libxml2-2.6.22 and libxslt-1.1.15 in the win32 bundle. (Rob)
Added new extensions: (Ilia, Wez)
Added PNG compression support to GD extension. (Pierre)
Added reflection constants as class constants. (Johannes)
Added --enable-gcov configure option to enable C-level code coverage. (John, Jani, Ilia, Marcus)
Added missing support for 'B' format identifier to date() function. (Ilia)
Changed reflection to be an extension. (Marcus)
Improved SPL extension: (Marcus)
Added class SplFileInfo as root class for DirectoryIterator and SplFileObject
Added SplTempFileObject
Improved SimpleXML extension: (Marcus)
Fixed memleaks
Fixed var_dump()
Fixed isset/empty/(bool) behavior
Fixed iterator edge cases
Added methods getNamespaces(), getDocNamespaces()
Upgraded pear to version 1.4.6. (Greg)
Added constants for libxslt and libexslt versions: LIBXSLT_VERSION, LIBXSLT_DOTTED_VERSION, LIBEXSLT_VERSION and LIBEXSLT_DOTTED_VERSION. (Pierre)
Fixed possible crash in apache_getenv()/apache_setenv() on invalid parameters. (Ilia)
Changed errors to warnings in imagecolormatch(). (Pierre)
Fixed segfault/leak in imagecolormatch(). (Pierre)
Fixed small leak in mysqli_stmt_fetch() when bound variable was empty string. (Andrey)
Fixed prepared statement name conflict handling in PDO_PGSQL. (Thies, Ilia)
Fixed memory corruption when PDO::FETCH_LAZY mode is being used. (Ilia)
Fixed possible leaks in imagecreatefromstring() with invalid data. (Pierre)
Fixed possible memory corruption inside mb_strcut(). (Ilia)
Fixed possible header injection by limiting each header to a single line. (Ilia)
Fixed possible XSS inside error reporting functionality. (Ilia)
Fixed many bugs in OCI8. (Tony)
Fixed crash and leak in mysqli when using 4.1.x client libraries and connecting to 5.x server. (Andrey)
Fixed bug #35916 (Duplicate calls to stream_bucket_append() lead to a crash). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35908 (curl extension uses undefined GCRY_THREAD_OPTIONS_USER). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35907 (PDO_OCI uses hardcoded lib path $ORACLE_HOME/lib). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35887 (wddx_deserialize not parsing dateTime fields properly). (Derick)
Fixed bug #35885 (strtotime("NOW") no longer works). (Derick)
Fixed bug #35821 (array_map() segfaults when exception is throwed from the callback). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35817 (unpack() does not decode odd number of hexadecimal values). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35797 (segfault on PDOStatement::execute() with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On). (Tony, Ilia)
Fixed bug #35781 (stream_filter_append() can cause segfault). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35760 (sybase_ct doesn't compile on Solaris using old gcc). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35759 (mysqli_stmt_bind_result() makes huge allocation when column empty). (Andrey)
Fixed bug #35751 (using date with a timestamp makes httpd segfault). (Derick)
Fixed bug #35740 (memory leak when including a directory). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35730 (ext/mssql + freetds: Use correct character encoding and allow setting it). (Frank)
Fixed bug #35723 (xmlrpc_introspection.c fails compile per C99 std). (Jani)
Fixed bug #35720 (A final constructor can be overwritten). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #35713 (getopt() returns array with numeric strings when passed options like '-1'). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35705 (strtotime() fails to parse soap date format without TZ). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35699 (date() can't handle leap years before 1970). (Derick)
Fixed bug #35694 (Improved error message for invalid fetch mode). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35692 (iconv_mime_decode() segmentation fault; with libiconv only). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35690 (pack() tries to allocate huge memory block when packing float values to strings). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35669 (imap_mail_compose() crashes with multipart-multiboundary-email). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35660 (AIX TZ variable format not understood, yields UTC timezone). (Derick)
Fixed bug #35655 (whitespace following end of heredoc is lost). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35630 (strtotime() crashes on certain relative identifiers). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35629 (crash in http:// wrapper on multiple redirects). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35624 (strtotime() does not handle 3 character weekdays). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35612 (iis6 Access Violation crash). (Dmitry, alacn.uhahaa)
Fixed bug #35594 (Multiple calls to getopt() may result in a crash). (rabbitt at gmail dot com, Ilia)
Fixed bug #35571 (Fixed crash in Apache 2 SAPI when more then one php script is loaded via SSI include). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35570 (segfault when re-using soap client object). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35558 (mktime() interpreting 3 digit years incorrectly). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35543 (php crash when calling non existing method of a class that extends PDO). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35539 (typo in error message for ErrorException). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35536 (mysql_field_type() doesn't handle NEWDECIMAL). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35517 (mysql_stmt_fetch returns NULL on data truncation). (Georg)
Fixed bug #35509 (string constant as array key has different behavior inside object). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35508 (PDO fails when unknown fetch mode specified). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35499 (strtotime() does not handle whitespace around the date string). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35496 (Crash in mcrypt_generic()/mdecrypt_generic() without proper init). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35490 (socket_sendto() unable to handle IPv6 addresses). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35461 (Ming extension fails to compile with ming 0.3beta1). (Jani)
Fixed bug #35437 (Segfault or Invalid Opcode 137/1/4). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35470 (Assigning global using variable name from array doesn't function). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35456 (+ 1 [time unit] format did not work). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35447 (xml_parse_into_struct() chokes on the UTF-8 BOM). (Rob)
Fixed bug #35431 (PDO crashes when using LAZY fetch with fetchAll). (Wez)
Fixed bug #35430 (PDO crashes on incorrect FETCH_FUNC use). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35427 (str_word_count() handles '-' incorrectly). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35425 (idate() function ignores timezone settings). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35422 (strtotime() does not parse times with UTC as timezone). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35414 (strtotime() no longer works with ordinal suffix). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35410 (wddx_deserialize() doesn't handle large ints as keys properly). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35409 (undefined reference to 'rl_completion_matches'). (Jani)
Fixed bug #35399 (Since fix of bug #35273 SOAP decoding of soapenc:base64binary fails). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35393 (changing static protected members from outside the class, one more reference issue). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35381 (ssl library is not initialized properly). (Alan)
Fixed bug #35377 (PDO_SQLITE: undefined reference to "fdatasync"). (Nuno, Jani)
Fixed bug #35373 (HP-UX "alias not allowed in this configuration"). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35288 (iconv() function defined as libiconv()). (Nuno)
Fixed bug #35103 (mysqli handles bad unsigned (big)int incorrectly).(Andrey)
Fixed bug #35062 (socket_read() produces warnings on non blocking sockets). (Nuno, Ilia)
Fixed bug #35028 (SimpleXML object fails FALSE test). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34729 (Crash in ZTS mode under Apache). (Dmitry, Zeev)
Fixed bug #34429 (Output buffering cannot be turned off with FastCGI). (Dmitry, Ilya)
Fixed bug #34359 (Possible crash inside fopen http wrapper). (Ilia, Sara, Nuno)
Fixed bug #33789 (Many Problems with SunFuncs). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33671 (sun_rise and sun_set don't return a GMT timestamp if one passes an offset). (Derick)
Fixed bug #32820 (date_sunrise and date_sunset don't handle GMT offset well). (Derick)
Fixed bug #31347 (is_dir and is_file (incorrectly) return true for any string greater then 255 characters). (Nuno, Ilia)
Fixed bug #30937 (date_sunrise() & date_sunset() don't handle endless day/night at high latitudes). (Derick)
Fixed bug #30760 (Remove MessageBox on win32 for E_CORE errors if display_startup_error is off). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #29955 (mb_strtoupper() / lower() broken with Turkish encoding). (Rui)
Fixed bug #28899 (mb_substr() and substr() behave differently when "mbstring.func_overload" is enabled). (Rui)
Fixed bug #27678 (number_format() crashes with large numbers). (Marcus)
Version 5.1.1
Disabled native date class to prevent pear::date conflict. (Ilia)
Improved safe_mode/open_basedir checks in cURL extension. (Ilia, Jani)
Changed reflection constants be both PHP and class constants. (Johannes)
Added an additional field $frame['object'] to the result array of debug_backtrace() that contains a reference to the respective object when the frame was called from an object. (Sebastian)
Fixed bug #35423 (RecursiveDirectoryIterator doesnt appear to recurse with RecursiveFilterIterator). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #35413 (Removed -dev flag from Zend Engine version). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35411 (Regression with \{$ handling). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35406 (eval hangs when evall'ed code ends with comment w/o newline). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #35391 (pdo_mysql::exec does not return number of affected rows). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35382 (Comment in end of file produces fatal error). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35360 (exceptions in interactive mode (php -a) may cause crash). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35358 (Incorrect error messages for PDO class constants). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35338 (pdo_pgsql does not handle binary bound params). (Wez)
Fixed bug #35316 (Application exception trying to create COM object). (Rob)
Fixed bug #35170 (PHP_AUTH_DIGEST differs under Apache 1.x and 2.x). (Ilia)
Version 5.1.0
Added support for class constants and static members for internal classes. (Dmitry, Michael Wallner)
Added "new_link" parameter to mssql_connect() (Bug #34369). (Frank)
Added missing safe_mode checks for image* functions and cURL. (Ilia)
Added missing safe_mode/open_basedir checks for file uploads. (Ilia)
Added PDO_MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY parameter for pdo_mysql. (Ilia)
Added date_timezone_set() function to set the timezone that the date functions will use. (Derick)
Added pg_fetch_all_columns() function to fetch all values of a column from a result cursor. (Ilia)
Added support for LOCK_EX flag for file_put_contents(). (Ilia)
Added bindto socket context option. (Ilia)
Added offset parameter to the stream_copy_to_stream() function. (Ilia)
Added offset & length parameters to substr_count() function. (Ilia)
Added man pages for "phpize" and "php-config" scripts. (Jakub Vrana)
Added support for .cc files in extensions. (Brian)
Added PHP_INT_MAX and PHP_INT_SIZE as predefined constants. (Andrey)
Added user opcode API that allow overloading of opcode handlers. (Dmitry)
Added an optional remove old session parameter to session_regenerate_id(). (Ilia)
Added array type hinting. (Dmitry)
Added the tidy_get_opt_doc() function to return documentation for configuration options in tidy. (Patch by:
Added support for .cc files in extensions. (Brian)
Added imageconvolution() function which can be used to apply a custom 3x3 matrix convolution to an image. (Pierre)
Added optional first parameter to XsltProcessor::registerPHPFunctions to only allow certain functions to be called from XSLT. (Christian)
Added the ability to override the autotools executables used by the buildconf script via the PHP_AUTOCONF and PHP_AUTOHEADER environmental variables. (Jon)
Added several new functions to support the PostgreSQL v3 protocol introduced in PostgreSQL 7.4. (Christopher)
pg_transaction_status() - in-transaction status of a database connection.
pg_query_params() - execution of parameterized queries.
pg_prepare() - prepare named queries.
pg_execute() - execution of named prepared queries.
pg_send_query_params() - async equivalent of pg_query_params().
pg_send_prepare() - async equivalent of pg_prepare().
pg_send_execute() - async equivalent of pg_execute().
pg_result_error_field() - highly detailed error information, most importantly the SQLSTATE error code.
pg_set_error_verbosity() - set verbosity of errors.
Added optional fifth parameter "count" to preg_replace_callback() and preg_replace() to count the number of replacements made. FR #32275. (Andrey)
Added optional third parameter "charlist" to str_word_count() which contains characters to be considered as word part. FR #31560. (Andrey, Ilia)
Added interface Serializable. (Stanislav, Marcus)
Added pg_field_type_oid() PostgreSQL function. (mauroi at digbang dot com)
Added zend_declare_property_...() and zend_update_property_...() API functions for bool, double and binary safe strings. (Hartmut)
Added possibility to access INI variables from within .ini file. (Andrei)
Added variable $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] containing request start time. (Ilia)
Added optional float parameter to gettimeofday(). (Ilia)
Added apache_reset_timeout() Apache1 function. (Rasmus)
Added sqlite_fetch_column_types() 3rd argument for arrays. (Ilia)
Added optional offset parameter to stream_get_contents() and file_get_contents(). (Ilia)
Added optional maxlen parameter to file_get_contents(). (Ilia)
Added SAPI hook to get the current request time. (Rasmus)
Added new functions:
array_diff_key() (Andrey)
array_diff_ukey() (Andrey)
array_intersect_key() (Christiano Duarte)
array_intersect_ukey() (Christiano Duarte)
array_product() (Andrey)
DomDocumentFragment::appendXML() (Christian)
fputcsv() (David Sklar)
htmlspecialchars_decode() (Ilia)
inet_pton() (Sara)
inet_ntop() (Sara)
mysqli::client_info property (Georg)
posix_access() (Magnus)
posix_mknod() (Magnus)
SimpleXMLElement::registerXPathNamespace() (Christian)
stream_context_get_default() (Wez)
stream_socket_enable_crypto() (Wez)
stream_wrapper_unregister() (Sara)
stream_wrapper_restore() (Sara)
stream_filter_remove() (Sara)
time_sleep_until() (Ilia)
Added DomDocument::$recover property for parsing not well-formed XML Documents. (Christian)
Added Cursor support for MySQL 5.0.x in mysqli (Georg)
Added proxy support to ftp wrapper via http. (Sara)
Added MDTM support to ftp_url_stat. (Sara)
Added zlib stream filter support. (Sara)
Added bz2 stream filter support. (Sara)
Added max_redirects context option that specifies how many HTTP redirects to follow. (Ilia)
Added support of parameter=>value arrays to xsl_xsltprocessor_set_parameter(). (Tony)
Improved PHP extension loading mechanism with support for module dependencies and conflicts. (Jani, Dmitry)
Improved interactive mode of PHP CLI (php -a). (Johannes, Marcus)
Improved performance of:
general execution/compilation. (Andi, Thies, Sterling, Dmitry, Marcus)
switch() statement. (Dmitry)
several array functions. (Marcus)
virtual path handling by adding a realpath() cache. (Andi)
variable fetches. (Andi)
magic method invocations. (Marcus)
Improved support for embedded server in mysqli. (Georg)
Improved mysqli extension. (Georg)
added constructor for mysqli_stmt and mysqli_result classes
added new function mysqli_get_charset()
added new function mysqli_set_charset()
added new class mysqli_driver
added new class mysqli_warning
added new class mysqli_exception
added new class mysqli_sql_exception
Improved SPL extension. (Marcus)
Moved RecursiveArrayIterator from examples into extension
Moved RecursiveFilterIterator from examples into extension
Added SplObjectStorage
Made all SPL constants class constants
Renamed CachingRecursiveIterator to RecursiveCachingIterator to follow Recursive<*>Iterator naming scheme.
added standard hierarchy of Exception classes
added interface Countable
added interfaces Subject and SplObserver
added spl_autoload*() functions
converted several 5.0 examples into c code
added class SplFileObject
added possibility to use a string with class_parents() and class_implements(). (Andrey)

Changed type hints to allow "null" as default value for class and array. (Marcus, Derick, Dmitry)
Changed SQLite extension to be a shared module in Windows distribution. (Edin)
Changed "instanceof" and "catch" operators, is_a() and is_subclass_of() functions to not call __autoload(). (Dmitry)
Changed sha1_file() and md5_file() functions to use streams instead of low level IO. (Uwe)
Changed abstract private methods to be not allowed anymore. (Stas)
Changed stream_filter_(ap|pre)pend() to return resource. (Sara)
Changed mysqli_exception and sqlite_exception to use RuntimeException as base if SPL extension is present. (Georg, Marcus)
Upgraded bundled libraries:
PCRE library to version 6.2. (Andrei)
SQLite 3 library in ext/pdo_sqlite to 3.2.7. (Ilia)
SQLite 2 library in ext/sqlite to 2.8.16. (Ilia)
Upgraded bundled libraries in Windows distribution. (Edin)
zlib 1.2.3
curl 7.14.0
openssl 0.9.8
ming 0.3b
libpq (PostgreSQL) 8.0.1
Implemented feature request #33452 (Year belonging to ISO week). (Derick)
Allowed return by reference from internal functions. (Marcus, Andi, Dmitry)
Rewrote strtotime() with support for timezones and many new formats. Implements feature requests #21399, #26694, #28088, #29150, #29585 and #29595. (Derick)
Moved extensions to PECL:
ext/cpdf (Tony, Derick)
ext/dio (Jani, Derick)
ext/fam (Jani, Derick)
ext/ingres_ii (Jani, Derick)
ext/mnogosearch (Jani, Derick)
ext/w32api (Jani, Derick)
ext/yp (Jani, Derick)
ext/mcve (Jani, Derick, Pierre)
ext/oracle (Jani, Derick)
ext/ovrimos (Jani, Derick, Pierre)
ext/pfpro (Jani, Derick, Pierre)
ext/dbx (Jani, Derick)
ext/ircg (Jani, Derick)
Removed php_check_syntax() function which never worked properly. (Ilia)
Removed garbage manager in Zend Engine which results in more aggressive freeing of data. (Dmitry, Andi)
Fixed "make test" to work for phpized extensions. (Hartmut, Jani)
Fixed Apache 2 regression with sub-request handling on non-linux systems. (Ilia, Tony)
Fixed PDO shutdown problem (possible infinite loop running rollback on shutdown). (Wez)
Fixed PECL bug #3714 (PDO: beginTransaction doesn't work if you're in auto-commit mode). (Wez)
Fixed ZTS destruction. (Marcus)
Fixed __get/__set to allow recursive calls for different properties. (Dmitry)
Fixed a bug where stream_get_meta_data() did not return the "uri" element for files opened with tmpname(). (Derick)
Fixed a problem with SPL iterators aggregating the inner iterator. (Marcus)
Fixed an error in mysqli_fetch_fields (returned NULL instead of an array when row number > field_count). (Georg)
Fixed bug in mysql::client_version(). (Georg)
Fixed bug in mysqli extension with unsigned int(11) being represented as signed integer in PHP instead of string in 32bit systems. (Andrey)
Fixed bug with $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA not getting set. (Brian)
Fixed crash inside stream_get_line() when length parameter equals 0. (Ilia)
Fixed ext/mysqli to allocate less memory when fetching bound params of type (MEDIUM|LONG)BLOB/(MEDIUM|LONG)TEXT. (Andrey)
Fixed extension initialization to respect dependencies between extensions. (Wez)
Fixed failing queries (FALSE returned) with mysqli_query() on 64 bit systems. (Andrey)
Fixed fgetcsv() and fputcsv() inconsistency. (Dmitry)
Fixed inheritance check to control return by reference and pass by reference correctly (ArrayAccess can no longer support references correctly). (Marcus, Andi, Dmitry)
Fixed initializing and argument checking for posix_mknod(). (Derick)
Fixed memory corruption in ImageTTFText() with 64bit systems. (Andrey)
Fixed memory corruption in pg_copy_from() in case the as_null parameter was passed. (Derick)
Fixed memory corruption in stristr(). (Derick)
Fixed possible GLOBALS variable override when register_globals are ON. (Ilia, Stefan)
Fixed possible INI setting leak via virtual() in Apache 2 sapi. (Ilia)
Fixed possible register_globals toggle via parse_str(). (Ilia, Stefan)
Fixed potential GLOBALS overwrite via import_request_variables() and possible crash and/or memory corruption. (Ilia)
Fixed segfaults when CURL callback functions throw exception. (Tony)
Fixed support for shared extensions on AIX. (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35342 (isset(DOMNodeList->length) returns false). (Rob)
Fixed bug #35341 (Fix for bug #33760 breaks build with older curl). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35336 (crash on PDO::FETCH_CLASS + __set()). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35303 (PDO prepare() crashes with invalid parameters). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35293 (PDO segfaults when using persistent connections). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35278 (Multiple virtual() calls crash Apache 2 php module). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35273 (Error in mapping soap - java types). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35249 (compile failure when ext/readline is compiled as shared). (Jani)
Fixed bug #35248 (sqlite_query() doesn't set error_msg when return value is being used). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35243 (php_mblen() crashes when compiled with thread-safety on Linux). (Patch: shulmanb at il dot ibm dot com, Jani)
Fixed bug #35239 (Objects can lose references). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35229 (call_user_func() crashes when argument_stack is nearly full). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35197 (Destructor is not called). (Tony)
Fixed bug #35179 (tokenizer extension needs T_HALT_COMPILER). (Greg)
Fixed bug #35176 (include()/require()/*_once() produce wrong error messages about main()). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35147 (__HALT_COMPILER() breaks with --enable-zend-multibyte). (Dmitry, Moriyoshi)
Fixed bug #35143 (gettimeofday() ignores current time zone). (Derick)
Fixed bug #35142 (SOAP Client/Server Complex Object Support). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35135 (PDOStatment without related PDO object may crash). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35091 (SoapClient leaks memory). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35079 (stream_set_blocking(true) toggles, not enables blocking). (askalski at gmail dot com, Tony)
Fixed bug #35078 (configure does not find ldap_start_tls_s). (Jani)
Fixed bug #35046 (phpinfo() uses improper css enclosure). (Ilia)
Fixed bugs #35022, #35019 (Regression in the behavior of key() and current() functions). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35017 (Exception thrown in error handler may cause unexpected behavior). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #35014 (array_product() always returns 0). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #35009 (ZTS: Persistent resource destruct crashes when extension is compiled as shared). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34996 (ImageTrueColorToPalette() crashes when ncolors is zero). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34982 (array_walk_recursive() modifies elements outside function scope). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34977 (Compile failure on MacOSX due to use of varargs.h). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34968 (bz2 extension fails on to build on some win32 setups). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34965 (tidy is not binary safe). (Mike)
Fixed bug #34957 (PHP doesn't respect ACLs for access checks). (Wez)
Fixed bug #34950 (Unable to get WSDL through proxy). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34938 (dns_get_record() doesn't resolve long hostnames and leaks). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34905 (Digest authentication does not work with Apache 1). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34902 (mysqli::character_set_name() - undefined method). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34899 (Fixed sqlite extension compile failure). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34893 (PHP5.1 overloading, Cannot access private property). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34884 (Possible crash in ext/sqlite when sqlite.assoc_case is being used). (Tony, Ilia)
Fixed bug #34879 (str_replace, array_map corrupt negative array indexes on 64-bit platforms). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34873 (Segmentation Fault on foreach in object). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34856 (configure fails to detect libiconv's type). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34855 (ibase_service_attach() segfault on AMD64). (irie at gmx dot de, Tony)
Fixed bug #34851 (SO_RECVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO socket options expect integer parameter on Windows). (Mike)
Fixed bug #34850 (--program-suffix and --program-prefix not included in man page names). (Jani)
Fixed bug #34821 (zlib encoders fail on widely varying binary data on windows). (Mike, Ilia)
Fixed bug #34818 (several functions crash when invalid mysqli_link object is passed). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34810 (mysqli::init() and others use wrong $this pointer without checks). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34809 (FETCH_INTO in PDO crashes without a destination object). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34802 (Fixed crash on object instantiation failure). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34796 (missing SSL linking in ext/ftp when configured as shared). (Jani)
Fixed bug #34790 (preg_match_all(), named capturing groups, variable assignment/return => crash). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34788 (SOAP Client not applying correct namespace to generated values). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34787 (SOAP Client not handling boolean types correctly). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34786 (2 @ results in change to error_reporting() to random value) (Dmitry, Tony)
Fixed bug #34785 (subclassing of mysqli_stmt does not work). (Georg)
Fixed bug #34782 (token_get_all() gives wrong result). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34777 (Crash in dblib when fetching non-existent error info). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34771 (strtotime() fails with 1-12am/pm). (Derick)
Fixed bug #34767 (Zend Engine 1 Compatibility not copying objects correctly). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34758 (PDO_DBLIB did not implement rowCount()). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34757 (iconv_substr() gives "Unknown error" when offset > string length). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34742 (ftp wrapper failures caused from segmented command transfer). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34725 (CLI segmentation faults during cleanup). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34723 (array_count_values() strips leading zeroes). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34712 (zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = on segfault). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34704 (Infinite recursion due to corrupt JPEG). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34678 (__call(), is_callable() and static methods). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34676 (missing support for strtotime("midnight") and strtotime("noon")). (Derick)
Fixed bug #34645 (ctype corrupts memory when validating large numbers). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34643 (wsdl default value has no effect). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34623 (Crash in pdo_mysql on longtext fields). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34617 (zend_deactivate: objects_store used after zend_objects_store_destroy is called). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34590 (User defined PDOStatement class can't implement methods). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34584 (Segfault with SPL autoload handler). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34581 (crash with mod_rewrite). (Tony, Ilia)
Fixed bug #34565 (mb_send_mail does not fetch mail.force_extra_parameters). (Marco, Ilia)
Fixed bug #34557 (php -m exits with "error" 1). (Johannes)
Fixed bug #34518 (Unset doesn't separate container in CV). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34505 (Possible memory corruption when unmangling properties with empty names). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34478 (Incorrect parsing of url's fragment (#...)). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34467 (foreach + __get + __set inconsistency). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34456 (Possible crash inside pspell extension). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34453 (parsing exception). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34450 (Segfault when calling mysqli_close() in destructor). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34449 (ext/soap: XSD_ANYXML functionality not exposed). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34420 (Possible crash inside curl_multi_remove_handle()). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34358 (Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34331 (php crashes when variables_order is empty). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34321 (Possible crash in filter code). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34311 (unserialize() crashes with chars above 191 dec). (Nuno)
Fixed bug #34310 (foreach($arr as $c->d => $x) crashes). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34307 (on_modify handler not called to set the default value if setting from php.ini was invalid). (Andrei)
Fixed bug #34306 (wddx_serialize_value() crashes with long array keys). (Jani)
Fixed bug #34304 (date() doesn't have a modifier for ISO Week Day). (Derick)
Fixed bug #34302 (date('W') do not return leading zeros for week 1 to 9). (Derick)
Fixed bug #34299 (ReflectionClass::isInstantiable() returns true for abstract classes). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34284 (CLI phpinfo showing html on _SERVER["argv"]). (Jani)
Fixed bug #34277 (array_filter() crashes with references and objects). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34276 (setAttributeNS doesn't work with default namespace). (Rob)
Fixed bug #34260 (Segfault with callbacks (array_map) + overloading). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34257 (lib64 not handled correctly in ming extension). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34221 (Compiling xmlrpc as shared fails other parts). (Jani)
Fixed bug #34216 (Segfault with autoload). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34199 (if($obj)/if(!$obj) inconsistency because of cast handler). (Dmitry, Alex)
Fixed bug #34191 (ob_gzhandler does not enforce trailing \0). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34156 (memory usage remains elevated after memory limit is reached). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34148 (+,- and . not supported as parts of scheme). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34137 (assigning array element by reference causes binary mess). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34103 (line numbering not maintained in dom document). (Rob)
Fixed bug #34078 (Reflection API problems in methods with boolean or null default values). (Tony)
Fixed bug #34068 (Numeric string as array key not cast to integer in wddx_deserialize()). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #34064 (arr[] as param to function in class gives invalid opcode). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34062 (Crash in catch block when many arguments are used). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34052 (date('U') returns %ld not unix timestamp). (Nuno)
Fixed bug #34045 (Buffer overflow with serialized object). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34001 (pdo_mysql truncates numeric fields at 4 chars). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33999 (object remains object when cast to int). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33996 (No information given for fatal error on passing invalid value to typed argument). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33989 (extract($GLOBALS,EXTR_REFS) crashes PHP). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33987 (php script as ErrorDocument causes crash in Apache 2). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33967 (misuse of Exception constructor doesn't display errorfile). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33966 (Wrong use of reflectionproperty causes a segfault). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33963 (mssql_bind() fails on input parameters). (Frank)
Fixed bug #33958 (duplicate cookies and magic_quotes=off may cause a crash). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33957 (gmdate('W')/date('W') sometimes returns wrong week number). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33940 (array_map() fails to pass by reference when called recursively). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33917 (number_format() output with > 1 char separators). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33904 (input array keys being escaped when magic quotes is off). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33903 (spl_autoload_register class method). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #33899 (CLI: setting extension_dir=some/path does not work). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33882 (CLI was looking for php.ini in wrong path). (Hartmut)
Fixed bug #33869 (strtotime() problem with "+1days" format). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33841 (pdo sqlite driver forgets to update affected column count on execution of prepared statments). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33837 (Informix ESQL version numbering schema changed). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33829 (mime_content_type() returns text/plain for gzip and bzip files). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33802 (throw Exception in error handler causes crash). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33771 (error_reporting falls to 0 when @ was used inside try/catch block). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33760 (cURL needs to implement CRYPTO_callback functions to prevent locking). (Mike, Ilia)
Fixed bug #33732 (Wrong behavior of constants in class and interface extending). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33723 (php_value overrides php_admin_value). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33720 (mb_encode_mimeheader does not work for multibyte chars). (Rui)
Fixed bug #33710 (ArrayAccess objects does not initialize $this). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33690 (Crash setting some ini directives in httpd.conf). (Rasmus)
Fixed bug #33673 (Added detection for partially uploaded files). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33605 (substr_compare() crashes with negative offset and length). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33597 (setcookie() "expires" date format doesn't comply with RFC). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33588 (LDAP: RootDSE query not possible). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33578 (strtotime() problem with "Oct17" format). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33578 (strtotime() doesn't understand "11 Oct" format). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33562 (date("") crashes). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33558 (warning with nested calls to functions returning by reference). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33536 (strtotime() defaults to now even on non time string). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33532 (Different output for strftime() and date()). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33523 (Memory leak in xmlrpc_encode_request()). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33520 (crash if safe_mode is on and session.save_path is changed). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33512 (Add missing support for isset()/unset() overloading to complement the property get/set methods). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33491 (crash after extending MySQLi internal class). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33475 (cURL handle is not closed on curl_close(). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33469 (Compile error undefined reference to ifx_checkAPI). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33433 (strtoll not available on Tru64). (Jani, Derick)
Fixed bug #33427 (ext/odbc: check if unixODBC header file exists). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33415 (strtotime() related bugs). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33414 (Comprehensive list of incorrect days returned after strtotime() / date() tests). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33389 (double free() when exporting a ReflectionClass). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #33383 (crash when retrieving empty LOBs). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33382 (array_reverse() fails after *sort()), introduced by zend_hash_sort() optimizations in HEAD. (Tony)
Fixed bug #33340 (CLI Crash when calling php:function from XSLT). (Rob)
Fixed bug #33326 (Cannot build extensions with phpize on Macosx). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33318 (throw 1; results in Invalid opcode 108/1/8). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33312 (ReflectionParameter methods do not work correctly). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33299 (php:function no longer handles returned dom objects). (Rob, Joe Orton)
Fixed bug #33286 (nested array_walk() calls and user array compare functions broken; FCI cache). (Andrei, patch from
Fixed bug #33277 (private method accessed by child class). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33268 (iconv_strlen() works only with a parameter of < 3 in length). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33257 (array_splice() inconsistent when passed function instead of variable). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33243 (ze1_compatibility_mode does not work as expected). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33242 (Mangled error message when stream fails). (Derick)
Fixed bug #33222 (segfault when CURL handle is closed in a callback). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33214 (odbc_next_result does not signal SQL errors with 2-statement SQL batches). (rich at kastle dot com, Tony)
Fixed bug #33212 ([GCC 4]: 'zend_error_noreturn' aliased to external symbol 'zend_error'). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33210 (relax jpeg recursive loop protection). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33201 (Crash when fetching some data types). (Frank)
Fixed bug #33200 (preg_replace(): magic_quotes_sybase=On makes 'e' modifier misbehave). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33185 (--enable-session=shared does not build). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33171 (foreach enumerates private fields declared in base classes). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33167 (Possible crash inside pg_fetch_array()). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33164 (Soap extension incorrectly detects HTTP/1.1). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33156 (cygwin version of setitimer doesn't accept ITIMER_PROF). (Nuno)
Fixed bug #33153 (crash in mssql_next result). (Frank)
Fixed bug #33150 (shtool: insecure temporary file creation). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33136 (method offsetSet in class extended from ArrayObject crash PHP). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #33125 (imagecopymergegray() produces mosaic rainbow effect). (Pierre)
Fixed bug #33116 (crash when assigning class name to global variable in __autoload). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #33090 (mysqli_prepare() doesn't return an error). (Georg)
Fixed bug #33076 (str_ireplace() incorrectly counts result string length and may cause segfault). (Tony)
Fixed bug #33072 (Add a safemode/open_basedir check for runtime "session.save_path" change using session_save_path() function). (Rasmus)
Fixed bug #33070 (Improved performance of bzdecompress() by several orders of magnitude). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33059 (crash when moving xml attribute set in dtd). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #33057 (Don't send extraneous entity-headers on a 304 as per RFC 2616 section 10.3.5) (Rasmus, Choitel)
Fixed bug #33019 (socket errors cause memory leaks in php_strerror()). (jwozniak23 at poczta dot onet dot pl, Tony).
Fixed bug #33017 ("make distclean" gives an error with VPATH build). (Jani)
Fixed bug #33013 ("next month" was handled wrong while parsing dates). (Derick)
Fixed bug #32993 (implemented Iterator function current() don't throw exception). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32981 (ReflectionMethod::getStaticVariables() causes apache2.0.54 seg fault). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32956 (mysql_bind_result() doesn't support MYSQL_TYPE_NULL). (Georg)
Fixed bug #32947 (Incorrect option for mysqli default password). (Georg)
Fixed bug #32944 (Disabling session.use_cookies doesn't prevent reading session cookies). (Jani, Tony)
Fixed bug #32941 (Sending structured SOAP fault kills a php). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32937 (open_basedir looses trailing / in the limiter). (Adam Conrad)
Fixed bug #32936 (http redirects URLs are not checked for control chars). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32933 (Cannot extend class "SQLiteDatabase"). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #32932 (Oracle LDAP: ldap_get_entries(), invalid pointer). (Jani)
Fixed bug #32930 (class extending DOMDocument doesn't clone properly). (Rob)
Fixed bug #32924 (file included with "auto_prepend_file" can be included with require_once() or include_once()). (Stas)
Fixed bug #32904 (pg_get_notify() ignores result_type parameter). (Tony)
Fixed bug #32852 (Crash with singleton and __destruct when zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32833 (Invalid opcode). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32813 (parse_url() does not handle scheme-only urls properly). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32810 (temporary files not using plain file wrapper). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32809 (Missing T1LIB support on Windows). (Edin)
Fixed bug #32802 (General cookie overrides more specific cookie). (Ilia)
Fixed bugs #32800, #32830 (ext/odbc: Problems with 64bit systems). (Jani)
Fixed bug #32799 (crash: calling the corresponding global var during the destruct). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32776 (SOAP doesn't support one-way operations). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32773 (GMP functions break when second parameter is 0). (Stas)
Fixed bug #32759 (incorrect determination of default value (COM)). (Wez)
Fixed bug #32758 (Cannot access safearray properties in VB6 objects). (Wez)
Fixed bug #32755 (Segfault in replaceChild() when DocumentFragment has no children). (Rob)
Fixed bug #32753 (Undefined constant SQLITE_NOTADB). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32742 (segmentation fault when the stream with a wrapper is not closed). (Tony, Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32699 (pg_affected_rows() was defined when it was not available). (Derick)
Fixed bug #32686 (Require/include file in destructor causes segfault). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #32682 (ext/mssql: Error on module shutdown when called from activescript). (Frank)
Fixed bug #32674 (exception in iterator causes crash). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32660 (Assignment by reference causes crash when field access is overloaded (__get)). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32647 (Using register_shutdown_function() with invalid callback can crash PHP). (Jani)
Fixed bug #32615 (Segfault in replaceChild() using fragment when previousSibling is NULL). (Rob)
Fixed bug #32613 (ext/snmp: use of snmp_shutdown() causes snmpapp.conf access errors). (Jani, ric at arizona dot edu)
Fixed bug #32608 (html_entity_decode() converts single quotes even if ENT_NOQUOTES is given). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32596 (Segfault/Memory Leak by getClass (etc) in __destruct). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32591 (ext/mysql: Unsatisfied symbol: ntohs with HP-UX). (Jani)
Fixed bug #32589 (possible crash inside imap_mail_compose() function). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32589 (Possible crash inside imap_mail_compose, with charsets). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32587 (Apache2: errors sent to error_log do not include timestamps). (Jani)
Fixed bug #32560 (configure looks for incorrect db2 library). (Tony)
Fixed bug #32553 (mmap loads only the 1st 2000000 bytes on Win32). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32533 (proc_get_status() returns the incorrect process status). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32530 (chunk_split() does not append endstr if chunklen is longer then the original string). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32491 (File upload error - unable to create a temporary file). (Uwe Schindler)
Fixed bug #32455 (wrong setting property to unset value). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32429 (method_exists() always return TRUE if __call method exists). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32428 (The @ warning error suppression operator is broken). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32427 (Interfaces are not allowed 'static' access modifier). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32405 (mysqli::fetch() returns bad data - 64bit problem). (Andrey)
Fixed bug #32296 (get_class_methods() output has changed between 5.0.2 and 5.0.3). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32282 (Segfault in mysqli_fetch_array on 64-bit). (Georg)
Fixed bug #32245 (xml_parser_free() in a function assigned to the xml parser gives a segfault). (Rob)
Fixed bug #32179 (xmlrpc_encode() segfaults with recursive references). (Tony)
Fixed bug #32171 (Userspace stream wrapper crashes PHP). (Tony, Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32160 (copying a file into itself leads to data loss). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32139 (SOAP client does not auto-handle base64 encoding). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #32109 ($_POST is not populated in multi-threaded environment). (Moriyoshi)
Fixed bug #32080 (segfault when assigning object to itself with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode=On). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #32021 (Crash caused by range('', 'z')). (Derick)
Fixed bug #32013 (ext/mysqli bind_result causes fatal error: memory limit). (Andrey)
Fixed bug #32010 (Memory leak in mssql_fetch_batch). (fmk)
Fixed bug #32009 (crash when mssql_bind() is called more than once). (Frank)
Fixed bug #31971 (ftp_login fails on some SSL servers). (frantisek at augusztin dot com)
Fixed bug #31887 (ISAPI: Custom 5xx error does not return correct HTTP response message). (Jani)
Fixed bug #31828 (Crash with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode=On). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31668 (multi_query works exactly every other time - multi query d/e flag global and not per connection). (Andrey)
Fixed bug #31636 (another crash when echoing a COM object). (Wez)
Fixed bug #31583 (php_std_date() uses short day names in non-y2k_compliance mode). (mike at php dot net)
Fixed bug #31525 (object reference being dropped. $this getting lost). (Stas, Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31502 (Wrong deserialization from session when using WDDX serializer). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31478 (segfault with empty() / isset()). (Moriyoshi)
Fixed bug #31465 (False warning in unpack() when working with *). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #31363 (broken non-blocking flock()). (ian at snork dot net)
Fixed bug #31358 (Older GCC versions do not provide portable va_copy()). (Jani)
Fixed bug #31341 (escape on curly inconsistent). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31256 (PHP_EVAL_LIBLINE configure macro does not handle -pthread). (Jani)
Fixed bug #31213 (Side effects caused by fix of bug #29493). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31177 (memory leaks and corruption because of incorrect refcounting). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31158 (array_splice on $GLOBALS crashes). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #31054 (safe_mode & open_basedir checks only check first include_path value). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #31033 (php:function(string, nodeset) with xsl:key crashes PHP). (Rob)
Fixed bug #30961 (Wrong line number in ReflectionClass getStartLine()). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30889 (Conflict between __get/__set and ++ operator). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30833 (array_count_values() modifying input array). (Tony)
Fixed bug #30828 (debug_backtrace() reports incorrect class in overridden methods). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30820 (static member conflict with $this->member silently ignored). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30819 (Better support for LDAP SASL bind). (Jani)
Fixed bug #30791 (magic methods (__sleep/__wakeup/__toString) call __call if object is overloaded). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30707 (Segmentation fault on exception in method). (Stas, Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30702 (cannot initialize class variable from class constant). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30578 (Output buffers flushed before calling __destruct() functions). (Jani)
Fixed bug #30519 (Interface not existing says Class not found). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30407 (Strange behavior of default arguments). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30394 (Assignment operators yield wrong result with __get/__set). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30332 (zend.ze1_compatibility_mode isn't fully compatible with array_push()). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30162 (Catching exception in constructor causes lose of $this). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30140 (Problem with array in static properties). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30126 (Enhancement for error message for abstract classes). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #30096 (gmmktime does not return the current time). (Derick)
Fixed bug #30080 (Passing array or non array of objects). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #30052 (Crash on shutdown after odbc_pconnect()). (Edin)
Fixed bug #29983 (PHP does not explicitly set mime type & charset). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #29975 (memory leaks when set_error_handler() is used inside error handler). (Tony)
Fixed bug #29971 (variables_order behavior). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29944 (Function defined in switch, crashes). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29896 (Backtrace argument list out of sync). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29728 (Reflection API Feature: Default parameter value). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #29689 (default value of protected member overrides default value of private and other private variable problems in inherited classes). (Stas)
Fixed bug #29683 (headers_list() returns empty array). (Tony)
Fixed bug #29583 (crash when echoing a COM object). (M.Sisolak, Wez)
Fixed bug #29522 (accessing properties without connection). (Georg)
Fixed bug #29361 (var_export() producing invalid code). (Derick)
Fixed bug #29338 (unencoded spaces get ignored after certain tags). (Ilia)
Fixed bug #29335 (fetch functions now use MYSQLI_BOTH as default). (Georg)
Fixed bug #29334 (win32 mail() provides incorrect Date: header). (Jani)
Fixed bug #29311 (calling parent constructor in mysqli). (Georg)
Fixed bug #29268 (__autoload() not called with Reflection->getClass()). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29256 (SOAP HTTP Error when envelop size is more than 24345 bytes). (Dmitry, Wez)
Fixed bug #29253 (array_diff with $GLOBALS argument fails). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29236 (memory error when wsdl-cache is enabled). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29210 (Function: is_callable - no support for private and protected classes). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29109 (SoapFault exception: [WSDL] Out of memory). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29104 (Function declaration in method doesn't work). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29061 (soap extension segfaults). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #29015 (Incorrect behavior of member vars(non string ones)-numeric mem vars and others). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #28985 (__getTypes() returning nothing on complex WSDL). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #28969 (Wrong data encoding of special characters). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #28839 (SIGSEGV in interactive mode (php -a)). (kameshj at fastmail dot fm)
Fixed bug #28605 (Need to use -[m]ieee option for Alpha CPUs). (Jani)
Fixed bug #28568 (SAPI::known_post_content_types is not thread safe). (Moriyoshi)
Fixed bug #28377 (debug_backtrace is intermittently passing args). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #28355 (glob wont error if dir is not readable). (Hartmut)
Fixed bug #28072 (static array with some constant keys will be incorrectly ordered). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #27908 (xml default_handlers not being called). (Rob)
Fixed bug #27598 (list() array key assignment causes HUGE memory leak). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #27268 (Bad references accentuated by clone). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #26456 (Wrong results from Reflection-API getDocComment() when called via STDIN). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #25922 (In error handler, modifying 5th arg (errcontext) may result in seg fault). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #25359 (array_multisort() doesn't work in a function if array is global or reference). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #22836 (returning reference to uninitialized variable). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #21306 (ext/sesssion: catch bailouts of write handler during RSHUTDOWN). (Jani, Xuefer at 21cn dot com)
Fixed bug #15854 (boolean ini options may be incorrectly displayed as Off when they are On). (Tony)
Fixed bugs #14561, #20382, #26090, #26320, #28024, #30532, #32086, #32270, #32555, #32588, #33056 (strtotime() related bugs). (Derick)
Version 5.0.5
Upgraded PCRE library to version 5.0. (Andrei)
Removed php_check_syntax() function which never worked properly. (Ilia)
Added new function mysqli_set_charset(). (Georg)
Added man pages for "phpize" and "php-config" scripts. (Jakub Vrana)
Added support for .cc files in extensions. (Brian)
Added PHP_INT_MAX and PHP_INT_SIZE as predefined constants. (Andrey)
Changed sha1_file() and md5_file() functions to use streams instead of low level IO. (Uwe)
Changed ming to support official 0.2a and 0.3 library versions. (Marcus)
Fixed failing queries problem (FALSE returned) with mysqli_query() on 64 bit. (Andrey)
Fixed memory corruption in pg_copy_from() in case the as_null parameter was passed. (Derick)
Fixed ext/mysqli to allocate less memory when fetching bound params of type (MEDIUM|LONG)BLOB/(MEDIUM|LONG)TEXT. (Andrey)
Fixed memory corruption in ImageTTFText() with 64bit systems. (Andrey)
Fixed memory corruption in stristr(). (Derick)
Fixed segfaults when CURL callback functions throw exception. (Tony)
Fixed various reentrancy bugs in user-sort functions, solves bugs #33286 and #33295. (Mike Bretz)
Fixed bug #34307 (on_modify handler not called to set the default value if setting from php.ini was invalid). (Andrei)
Fixed bug #34302 (date('W') do not return leading zeros for week 1 to 9). (Derick)
Fixed bug #34299 (ReflectionClass::isInstantiable() returns true for abstract classes). (Marcus)
Fixed bug #34277 (array_filter() crashes with references and objects). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34260 (Segfault with callbacks (array_map) + overloading). (Dmitry)
Fixed bug #34137 (assig