WAMP5 ออก เวอร์ชั่นใหม่ เป็น 1.6.6 มาไล่เลี่ย กับ xampp

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WAMP5 ออก เวอร์ชั่นใหม่ เป็น 1.6.6 มาไล่เลี่ย กับ xampp

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1.6.6 - 11/02/2006
now using PHP 5.2.0
now using MySQL 5.0.27
now using phpmyadmin

1.6.5 - 09/12/2006
added the mail function configuration during install
added PHP settings functions in the WAMP5 menu
now using PHP 5.1.6
now using MySQL 5.0.24a
now using Apache 2.0.59
now using phpmyadmin

1.6.4a - 06/22/2006
corrected a minor bug on the apache modules manager when installing in another place than

1.6.4 - 06/17/2006
added the online/offline system
secured phpmyadmin and sqlitemanager (access limited to locahost)
corrected the MySQL users bug on upgrade
now using MySQL 5.0.22
now using Apache 2.0.58
now using phpmyadmin 2.8.1
updated the PHP4, MySQL administration and Zend Optimizer add-ons

1.6.3 - 05/05/2006
now using PHP 5.1.4

1.6.2 - 05/02/2006
now using PHP 5.1.3
now using MySQL 5.0.21
now using phpmyadmin
now using sqlitemanager 1.2.0
added the apache modules functions
new installation script
can now directly upgrade from >= 1.6.0
added the script for testing port 80
now testing port 80 when the Apache service is installed
repared bug on the httpd.conf file when several installs are performed
repared bugs on the phpmyadmin and sqlitemanager aliases

1.6.1 - 17/01/2006
bug fix for alias and phpmyadmin on homepage
changed alias creation script
PHP 5.1.2
MYSQL 5.0.18
phpmyadmin 2.7.0-pl2

1.6.0 - 12/21/2005
Now using apache 2.0.55
Added the alias manager
moved the mywamp.ini file to mysql/my.ini to have a fully compact install
phmymadmin and sqlitemanager are now alias
Now using phpmyadmin 2.7.0-pl1
Now using MySQL 5.0.17
Changed the index page to use the alias system
created the MySQL administration add-on (query browser + administrator)
Updated the PHP4 and Zend Optimizer add-ons

1.5.0 - 29/11/2005
Now using PHP 5.1.1
Added the PHP extension manager

1.4.6 - 11/25/2005
Now using PHP 5.1.0
Now using MySQL 5.0.16
Now using phpmyadmin 2.6.4-pl4
Now using sqlitemanager 1.1.3
Modified index.php page

1.4.5a - 10/28/2005
desactivated eacccelerator in the php.ini file by default

1.4.5 - 10/25/2005
Now using MySQL 5.0.15
Now using PHP 5.0.5 (5.1 will be for next release)
Now using sqlitemanager 1.1.2
Now using phpmyadmin 2.6.4-pl3
added the eaccelerator extension

1.4.5 RC1 - 08/21/2005
Now using PHP 5.1-RC1
Now using MySQL 4.1.13a
Now using sqlitemanager 1.1.1
Now using phpmyadmin 2.6.3-pl1
regrouped log files in a directory
added access to log files threw the menu

1.4.4 - 04/01/2005
PHP 5.0.4
MySQL 4.1.10a
PHPmyadmin 2.6.1-pl3
SQLitemanager 1.0.4
activated mbstring for phpmyadmin

1.4.3 - 12/24/2004
PHP 5.0.3
MySQL 4.1.8
you can now choose your default browser
PHPmyadmin 2.6.0-pl3
SQLitemanager 1.0.4
deleted error messages from icontray
changed upload_tmp_dir
repared alias errors during httpd.conf

1.4.2 - 11/14/2004
repared few bugs on documentroot
modified homepage to work with mysql and mysqli

1.4.1 - 10/31/2004
Now using apache 1.3.33
You can now choose your DocumentRoot during install

1.4 - 10/27/2004
Now using MySQL 4.1.7
replaced the mysql extension by the mysqli extension
Now using sqlitemanager 1.0.3
Now using phpmyadmin 2.6.0-pl2
changed phpmyadmin's conf

1.3.2 - 11/14/2004
repared few bugs on documentroot
modified homepage to work with mysql and mysqli
added the phpmyadmin database

1.3.1 - 10/31/2004
Now using apache 1.3.33
Now using MySQL 4.0.22

1.3 - 09/24/2004
Now using PHP 5.0.2
Now using MySQL 4.0.21
Now using sqlitemanager 1.0.1
Now using phpmyadmin 2.6.0-rc3

1.2 - 08/13/2004
Now using PHP5.0.1
The PHP extension dependencies (dll) are copied in the apache directory so that the extensions
can be loaded directly
Added PECL extensions
added a link to the MySQL console in the menu
upgrade does not override add-ons
files httpd.conf, php.ini et mywamp.ini are not overwritten on upgrade
Part of the wampserver.ini is rewritten on upgrade
The $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] value in file config.inc.php of phpmyadmin is changed on install
the localhost page has been completely rebuild
fixed some bugs on stop and uninstall
WAMP5 closes when you install add-ons
modified url link in the manager to force the use of IE (to avoid error messages)
On uninstall, personal files aren't deleted anymore (/mysql/data/* and www/*)
sqlitemanager is now 0.9.8
httpd.conf :
UseCanonicalName Off
AllowOverride all (for .htaccess files)
changed index order (index.php is now first)

1.1 - 07/19/2004
rewrited uninstall
Alert text on data destruction is shown
service manager is automatically stopped before uninstall
entire wamp directory is deleted, file mywamp.ini is deleted
You can now directly upgrade from older version (just stop the manager) :
During install, if directories /www et /data/mysql exist, all the files in it are leaved as is.
if phpmyadmin or sqlitemanager is older, it is updated
Services are now installed as automatic or manual (choice during install)
services or now launched when you open the service manager
services or now stopped when you close the service manager
restart_all has been rewritten

1.0 - 07/14/2004
replaced PHP5 RC3 by PHP 5.0.0
modified the creation of conf files
conf files now open with notepad

0.7.3 - 07/07/2004
modified services names
wampserver -> wampapache
mysql -> wampmysql
modified my.ini filename to avoid conflicts with other installs
c:\windows\my.ini -> c:\windows\mywamp.ini
modified wampserver's icon to 32*32
replaced Apache 1.3.29 by 1.3.31

0.7.2(.2) - 07/04/2004
correction of a major error in creation of httpd.conf, php.ini and my.ini files

0.7.2 - 07/01/2004
added : install/remove services
added : 'Restart All Services'
at install the user is asked to keep existing php.ini, httpd.conf and my.ini files

0.7 - 06/30/2004
added the service manager
services are automatically installed during installation of WAMP5 (not compatible with Windows 98)
deleted shortcuts in the start menu

0.6.2 - 06/17/2004
now using phpmyadmin 2.5.7
added links to users directories in the default localhost page

now using PHP5 RC3
added libmysql.dll file in WAMP5 light's apache directory
ajout de libmysql.dll dans le rep d'apache pour la version light
replaced localhost by for ServerName in httpd.conf

0.5.2 - 05/18/2004
you can now choose where you want to install WAMP5
all the php.ini, httpd.conf et my.ini files are rewrtitten during install

WAMP5 is now installed in the c:\wamp directory
now using PHP5 RC2

0.4 - 03/05/2004
added test scripts
now using PHP5 RC1
added icons on shortcuts

installation icon
installation logo
stops the server before uninstall
stops winmysqladmin before uninstall

supressed useless files in MySQL to gain size
uninstalls services on uninstall
you can now choose to launch service or program at end of install
added new shortcuts (localhost, www et restart)

0.2 - 02/16/2004
aded menus for install/remove services
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