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phpMyAdmin 2.11.1 มาแล้ว

โพสต์โดย mindphp » 14/10/2007 9:41 am

โหลดได้ที่ ... php#2.11.1

- bug #1783667 [export] NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO and MySQL version
- bug #1780098 [GUI] Logout causes CSS loss, thanks to Juergen Wind
. incorrect field ids, thanks to Michael Keck
- bug #1787522 [view] wrong choice in algorithm drop-down
- bug #1777620 [GUI] Table Print preview: missing column header,
thanks to Mario Rohkrämer
- Do not display "Your MySQL library..." if only the Z part
of X.Y.Z version is different
- bugs #1767759, 1216521 [data] Duplicate entry error Browse feature:
this minor feature removed due to its complexity
- bug #1774825 [operations] Rename database loses charset info
- bug #1791568 [core] Undefined cfg, thanks to Christian Schmidt
- bug #1782332 [structure] New table form does not overtake data
- bug #1793763 [requirements] minimum PHP should be 4.2.0
- patch #1787915 Avoid CSS reloading on every click, thanks to Juergen Wind
- bug #1798627 [GUI] Wrong storage engine displayed
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