SMF ออกเวอร์ชั่น 1.1.5 มาแล้วครับ

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SMF ออกเวอร์ชั่น 1.1.5 มาแล้วครับ

Post by mindphp »

Simple Machines is proud to announce the release of SMF 1.1.5.

This version addresses a few security issues and fixes some small bugs.

We encourage all users to upgrade to SMF 1.1.5 as soon as possible, by either using the fast install option from the admin panel, or manually applying the changes attached to this message.

Among other things, this version fixes the following issues:
* Sanitation of $topic wasn't always done right.
* Increased the randomness of the Captcha sound.
* Require the Memcached version that's compiled into PHP to ensure a better performance.
* Improved the random generator seeding for PHP < 4.2.0 - issue reported by Jessica Hope.
* Fixed a vulnerability with the use of the html-tag - issue reported by Jessica Hope.
* Fixed the CRC function not working properly on 64-bit systems.
* Fixed remembering the infocenter collapse status for guests.
* Don't send the admin a new registration email just because a member changed their email address.

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