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VPS Thai vpsthai.com

Post by domain-hosting » 16/08/2009 1:02 am

VPS Thai

Speed VPS Hosting Service
VPS Thai offers you performance virtual private servers to start your online business. We currently provide our service to many international customers who want utmost stability and high bandwidth to serve their customers. VPS is ideal to start the successful business since you have a total control over your web as if you own a server.

Our simple plans help you decide quickly the package of your choice, but if you can't find the one that suits you just let us know your requirement. We can custom design our solution according to your demand. You can't be wrong to choose us.

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Re: VPS Thai vpsthai.com

Post by mindphp » 12/01/2010 3:28 pm

ตอนนี้เท่าที่เห็น VPS ราคาต่อเดือน บางทีลดลงตัวกว่า 1 พันต่อเดือน ก็มีนะครับ
ใครสนใจ pm ถามหลังไมค์ได้ :-D
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