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Introducing Component MFacebook to help with website membership registration with Facebook

Posted: 13/02/2019 3:05 pm
by wipaporn

Component MFacebook is an extensions used to add capabilities to Ready-made website like Joomla, etc., as an add-on to help with website membership with Facebook by clicking the Login With Facebook button. Enabling users to access the website more conveniently and quickly
The capabilities of the Component MFacebook are as follows.
[list]- Apply for membership and login. Just one button click
- Login with connect user to Facebook
- Users can choose to connect to Facebook with the same user or apply for a new member.
- can be set to turn on-off when login with Facebook
- can be set up to connect to Facebook
- can set up a subscription automatically
- Supported in Joomla 4[/list]