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Introducing Editors XTD Multicontent, a plugin for pulling articles from Master Site into Web Clien.

Posted: 13/02/2019 6:05 pm
by wipaporn
Plugin Editors XTD Multicontent is a plugin for helping to increase the ability of Joomla. The Plugin Editors XTD Multicontent is used to extract articles from the Master Site into the Web Clien. The articles drawn are computer languages. Which will be used in conjunction with the Plugin Content Multicontent Client
The capabilities of the Plugin Editors XTD Multicontent are as follows.
  • - can be easily used with just one click
    - No need to write duplicate articles.
    - can reduce the time of writing articles
    - Can add unlimited articles from the Master Site.
    - Automatically edit articles that have changed from Master Site
    - can delete articles that are deleted from the Master Site automatically
    - can sync all data