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Introducing Mod MDFiles Featured MDFiles popular modules bring files from MDFile to show.

Posted: 13/02/2019 6:51 pm
by wipaporn
Mod MDFiles Popular is a Joomla module that works with MDFile. It displays popular files from MDFile to display on Joomla. The admin can set the usage patterns. Mod MDFiles Popular is a module that works with Components MDFile before Use Mod MDFiles. Popular Users need to install Components MDFile to be able to use Mod MDFiles Popular. Read more. Components MDFile at introduce MDFile Components for Joomla to help download documents on the website.
The Mod MDFiles Popular capabilities are as follows.
  • - can specify a image file display.
    - can specify the number of files that can be displayed
    - can set the display format of documents view file
    - can set the display format of the file Download File
    - able to determine the location of the file you want to display
    - can specify the display file name
    - Supports Joomla version 4