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Program exchange rate - Information form Bank of Thailand API

Posted: 26/11/2019 2:34 pm
by prmindphp
Program exchange rate
Program exchange rate, Information form Bank of Thailand API


Which the value of money in each country is not the same. depends on the economy of each country. If any economy is progressing. the country has developed and progressed a lot, the value of money in that country will be high. but if any country, people live in difficulty The economy is not good. the value of money will be down. so, if we want to know money in each contry. we will convert currency. this program can convert currency, we just fill out information and choose currency we want. program will convert currency for us.

Step to use the program
  • fill out username
  • fill out amout of money
  • choose currency we want to covert and currency we want to know
  • convert currency
Click to use the program