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Plugin System MZC Auto Close to enable the open and close odering system

Posted: 19/02/2020 6:38 pm
by prmindphp
Can not deny that at present, e-commerce business is gaining popularity continuously. Creating an online store is now much easier. But many store owners may have experienced problems with opening-closing hours because some of you may not be able to receive orders 24 hours a day. Today, we will introduce the Plugin System MZC Auto Close for E-Commerce businesses. This add-on is an extension of Joomla. It will be used in conjunction with the online store Mooziicart. With this add-on, you can set the order to enable and disable Mooziicart's ordering system. If the shop owner has closed the order system Website visitors will not be able to make purchases. But we will still see the product and product details It is like a product catalog only, Of course, it will help to manage the ordering system more efficiently than before.


For people who want to know about more feature of Plugin System MZC Auto Close. Can be download and read more here.