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Helper in searching products by category and keywords with Module Ajax Search of MooZiiCart

Posted: 28/04/2020 6:17 pm
by prmindphp

Online shop Considered very necessary in the current situation, it can greatly facilitate people that who don't want to outside to experience the weather outside. some customers are just interested in buying products from online stores. so, there are groups of customers who use the website to sell products online, not very fluent. If we can help customers to find products quickly will make customers feel comfortable and would like to buy more products from our website. today we will introduce a helper to find products in online stores. Module Ajax Search is an extension of Joomla. use with component MooZiiCart. which this module will helps to search for find products in online stores. the customers can search find products by product category that they are interested in. and can also search for products from keywords. when the customers type letters into the search box. will display list of products immediately. help to find products within the website easier and faster than ever. for poeple who that want to know about more feature can read and download from here :arrow: ... h-eng.html