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Helper for calculating NPER values

Posted: 19/05/2020 6:55 pm
by prmindphp
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NPER (Number of Period) is the total number of payment periods in an annuity. it's the length in periods of the investment term. that is the number of periodic payments that are needed given the interest rate. Usually it can be calculated using the formula. but today, we will introduce the NPER calculation. NPER calculation is a tool to calculate the number of years or the number of months that need to be invested. you just fill in the information. the program will be able to show the results to us. Helping is very easy and convenient. :gfb: :gfb: It's beneficial for many investors. :icon_plusone:

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Re: Helper for calculating NPER values

Posted: 21/05/2020 5:59 pm
by prmindphp
:P For anyone who wants to watch the VDO recommends using the program. Can be watch here :arrow:

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