PhpMyAdmin 2.8.1 stable ออก มาแล้วครับ

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PhpMyAdmin 2.8.1 stable ออก มาแล้วครับ

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Information about version 2.8.1

* Unable to login with cookie auth in IIS 4
* Page variable not preserved on refresh
* Error on empty BLOB with transformation
* Search combos default to key zero
* Dropping basetable of a view
* VIEW data export
* config.default.php changes not recognized
* Octetstream download
* BLOBs centered
* Processing of theme directory
* PHP 4.2.2 and array_key_exists()
* Red border in outdated themes
* Column expander does not work
* Loading binary data very slow
* Export to MS Excel
* Socket can be empty
* Export of InnoDB with mysqli
* Import and -- comments
* Javascript error in new print window
* CONVERT not in reserved words list
* Adding foreign key when column has a quote in its name
* Version number change after update
* Galician messages do not load
* Missing property in Theme_Manager class
* Having sql.php as a default table-page
* Various import problems
* Wrong logout link
* REPLACE reports double results affected
* XSRF via the sql_query parameter
* Detection of writable config
* Reading database list with MySQL wildcards
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